Stacey Felgate

Carbon cycling along the land-ocean continuum

Science Communication Portfolio


I love communicating my science and work across a number of different mediums to achieve as wide a reach as possible. I’ve included some examples of my work below.

The list is by no means exhaustive, so please ask if you would like to know more!

Remember to check out my CV too, which can be found here.

Valuing the coastal carbon sink: a call for interdisciplinary cooperation

13002514_poster_final The importance of coastal habitats to climate change mitigation efforts is a key message to get across to non-specialists.

This poster was designed for display at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, for a general but scientifically literate audience.

A PDF version of this poster can be found here.

Join the League of Climate Change Superheroes

OEC Climate Super Hero Poster

This poster and materials were designed for use at public outreach events. The remit was to provide an eye-catching display poster with information for a general, non-specialist audience (parents) and empowering, impactful activities for children.

These materials were developed for use at Ocean Explorer Centre. The PDF poster can be found here.



This page is a work in progress, and more examples will be added in due course!



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